Liquid food transportation – across Europe

We are specialized in the transportation of bulk liquids. The Foodsped team has gained experience in the logistics sector over the last decades and therefore has developed a deep understanding of the market. We deliver outstanding services, safe haulage and on time solutions, which are designed to suit your needs. Our modern fleet and experienced drivers operate across Europe.

Please contact us for any further questions and enquiries. We help you find an individual, flexible and effective logistics solution for your haulage. 

Experienced. Reliable.bulk liquid transportation.

We are your logistics service provider for bulk liquid transportation

We know our responsibilities. That is why a successful business strategy is not our only concern. We want to deliver real tangible benefits for our customers, for our employees and the environment. That is why we operate a modern fleet of tanker trucks and offer advanced trainings for all our team members. 

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Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped

modern &


Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped

experienced &


Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped

flexible &

on time

Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped
Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped
Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped
Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped

Logistics solutions
for liquid food


No matter from which fruit they are made or how sweet they may be – we deliver your juices safely to your customers.

Our tanks have various specifications to suit the needs of your product at all times of the year.

Our insulated stainless-steel tankers with modern technical equipment provide the cooling of your liquid foods.

Upon request we also equip our tanker truck with an electric pump to ensure smooth unloading. 

Glucose / sugar

Glucose syrup is widely used in the industrial processing of foods.

To guarantee a suitable temperature for the transportation and unloading, our tankers operate with in-transit heating systems and pumps to ensure easy and safe transportation and unloading of the liquid.  

Oils and fats

Our bulk liquid tankers are designed to carry plant-based oils and fats – like sunflower, rapeseed and palm oil.

The insulation, in-transport temperature control and heating (tank, piping and pump) guarantee to keep your goods at the right temperature – also in winter.  


Our tankers are perfectly suitable for the transportation of dairy.

We work according to the highest safety and hygiene standards for the safe, temperature-controlled transportation of bulk food liquids at all times of the year across all over Europe. 

Chocolate & cocoa

For the transportation of viscous foods such as chocolate and cocoa specially equipped tank containers are needed.

With in-transit temperature control and heating of pipes and pump the tanker trucks of Foodsped are perfectly suitable and can transport and unload your goods safely at all times of the year. 


The quality of food is connected significantly to the correct transportation.

This is also true for wine.

Our special double walled tank containers can haul full compartments.

We take your wine to its destination – safe and without a loss in quality.  

Liquid food transportation / food tankers from Foodsped
bulk liquid foods -Transport by experts

We don’t transport on the roads only

Logistics solutions from Foodsped are individual and flexible. The haulage of your goods is carried out tailor-made to your needs. Sometimes even by intermodal means like transportation by rail, truck or barges in our modern tank containers. 

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