Truckside ads Tyrol

Our trucks are on the road. They deliver goods across Europe at all times of the day. Every year our trucks cover a distance of about 130,000 kilometres and reach millions of people. They are the perfect advertising space for your business, your product, your brand. With its mobility, longevity and dimensions truck advertising is versatile.

Eyecatcher on motorways

The tank containers of Foodsped can display the colours of your business, reaching communities. Sometimes they - unconsciously - make them aware of your brand. Pictures that stay in mind. With one ad you can reach people all over Europe, carry your brand to the audience. Leave impressions in the minds of the spectators.

In comparison to other advertising channels, truckside ads can be installed longer and reach a larger audience – your potential customers. Your message will be remembered. We gladly make you an individual offer for advertising space.

Competent. Reliable.Food transport.